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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Aluz
Model Number: Supe808P
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: negotiation
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
Supply Ability: 3,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Laser Type: Diode Laser Laser Wavelength: 808 Nm
Output Power: 1000W Display: 8.4” Color Touch LCD Display
Spot Size: 12 X 12mm2 Frequency: 0.5-10 Hz
Cooling: Water + Air + Semiconductor Packing: Aluminum Alloy Case
Voltage: 220V/110V
High Light:

face hair removal machine


laser hair removal device

 808nm Permanent Hair Removal Machine With Medical CE and FDA


1.  smart body design
2. 90% spare parts of handpiece are origin imported from Germany, USA and Japan, assure machine 

stable performance, amazing results and long time working.
3. Perfect cooling system--- the sapphire temperature cools down 0~3°C, clients feel comfortable and painless during the whole

4. Simple and friendly treatment menu, and auto alarm protection system of water flow, water level and 

water temperature on menu, avoid any risk at the first time
5. 1:1 energy test with USA Coherent energy mete



 Laser type 

Diode laser

 Laser wavelength

808 nm

 Output power



8.4” color touch LCD display

 Spot size

12 x 12mm2 

 Pulse width

8-685ms adjustable


1-120 J/cm2 adjustable


0.5-10 Hz


water + air + semiconductor

 Temperature of probe


 Dimension of machine


 Dimension of package







aluminum alloy case





This product is a 810nm diode laser hair removal system for permanent & painless epilation made by the leading diode laser Manufacturer & Factory in China. It is designed with TEC and sapphire cooling unit for skin contact painfree depilation. The laser beam is collimated with a patented beam shaping technology for a high efficiency performance. This system can be used for white to light brown skin with dark color hair. The machine can be used for toes and feet hair removal treatment. The pulse energy is up to 120J/cm2 or even higher upon request. It is the best professional 810nm diode laser system made in China which is suitable for at home hair removal laser treatment.360W,500W,1000W,2000W diode laser hair removal system optional.


Product Advantages:
1. Fit for nearly full body areas hair removal: 810nm diode laser hair removal system for permanent & painless epilation 
    be used for back, armpit, chest,arm & legs, bikini hair removal and even little areas epilation definitive, like feet or toe hair 
    removal, ear hair removal and etc.

2. Suitable for all color skin with dark color hair removal: made with the gold standard diode chips, the output energy is stable. 
    It is a smooth no pain 810nm diode hair removal laser, safe and effective for nearly all color skin with dark color epilacion. 
    Indians or even Africans can use it for definitive epilation.

 3. Higher output energy for fast epilation: the hair removal 810nm diode laser system was manufactured with the best German
     diode chips and our unique diode package technology. The output energy is bigger than that of most diode laser items in the 
     market. The desktop diode laser system can remove unwanted hair more easily which can be used for clinic, salon, hospital 
     hair removal treatment.


4. Easy to operate: with simple operation interface and detailed user manual, everyone can operate the system easily.
5. Longer lifeime:the hair removal 810nm depilation laser machine was made in the professional hair removal diode laser 
    Manufacturer & Factory with many years experience. With continual improvement, the diode laser has longer lifetime than many 
    famous diode,like dilas diodes, Syneron 810nm diode and so on. 
6. Lower price,better proformance.

7.  Epilation definitive: it is a permanent epilation system. By 3~5 sessions treatment, you can achieve permanent hair removal.

Treatment Notice:

1) The treatment of the hair removal needs experienced professionals. Do not use it if you have no experience for such kind of 
     laser device.

2) Operators and patients must wear laser goggles to protect eyes from any laser damage threat.

3) Please notice that this is a high power laser device and if the patients feel very painful, please stop the laser and check if there is
    anything happens to the patients’ skin. Adjust it as a proper power that the    patients can stand to do the treatment.

4) Skin color is very important. For white to light color, you can adjust the peak power up to 90~100% for a higher performance, 
    and the Fuence can be adjusted to 40~90J/cm2. For brown color skin, you need a   lower peak power (30%~60% for example), 
    with a longer pulse width to protect any skin burning. Also you   need to extend the treatment time for the dark skin to inject 
    enough energy to the skin and follicles.

5) The skin must be shaved before treatment.

6) The handle piece is better to be operated at SCANNING mode. It is faster for treatment.

7) Skin contact gel is no necessary for treatment. It won’t make the treatment better or improve the skin   feeling.

8) You need to wait for several minutes before the cooling tip becomes cold.

9) Keep contact between the cooling tip and skin. And you can also use the edge of the Aluminum head of the    handle piece to cool down the skin during treatment.

10)Never shot the laser pulses to eyes, or watch the laser directly.

11) Please refer to the experience data of Color II Skin hair removal which we provide along with this manual.


Factory advantages:
1.Professional hair removal diode laser Producer with core technology: 
   Different from most assembly factories,we are a real hair removal laser Producer with patented technology. From diodes

   mounting,software development,programme design to the full system building,we do them all by ourselves. We can offer many   
   styles of innovative hair removal laser for different customers.
2. OEM diode laser hair removal system: we can offer you customized diode laser system. You can use your own case to build
    your own hair removal laser machine.

3. The biggest Alma Soprano diode stack & handpece Repair Factory in China: with 8 years diode package and repair 
    experience, we repair & replace about 30 pcs of Alma Soprano diode stacks & handpieces. More solutions can be available in
    our factory,including Soprno xl, Soprano xli handpiece repair, new Soprano xl & xli diode stack, old Alma Soprano 810nm
    handpiece rebuilt and etc. Our factory can help you deal with Syneron hair removal handpiece,Dilas diodes, Rofin sinar laser 
    modules 100D,50D,CEO laser modules and many other diode modules.
4. Higher production:more than 30% 810nm diode lasers are offered by us in China. 
5. Focusing on laser technology improvement: we will never stop the improvement of our diode laser system until it has been 
    really perfect. We will never blindly promote one product until we have been an expert on it. Keep focused will make us more 
    professional and go futher.




How does hair grow and how it affects the laser?

Hair grows in circles,alternating between the two phases of growth,anagen and calm, and longer term one is the transition

period between the two.It is believed that the cells in the middle of hair follicles are responsible for hair growth.When

laser penetrates one millimeter skin,it will be absorbed by pigments in parts of the roots of the hair,which is very important

in the growth process.Hair comes in a variety of colors.The laser penetrates the skin and is usually absorbed by the hair

itself.It is said that stem cells responsible for hair growth are between erector muscle of hair and brown hair,which contains most of the pigments and are therefore easier to be treated.Gray or blond hair has less dyes is unlikely to respond to


What types of laser used for hair removal?

There are many different laser systems currently available.Ruby laser or dark red,Alexandrite laser and laser ND:YAG. All

machines can be used to remove hair on white hair with varying degrees of success.The size of the area is covered by

laser pulses in the devices used.

What are the results of the treatment?

Initial reports of the use of laser hair removal showed that such removal hair may be permanent for most patients,except

a few doing not respond to treatment. And re-growth hair is not only less dense but also less roughness.The best

results are for those with dark hair and pale skin or the skin where the hair is usually disappears for two or three months

and grows very slowly again.It requires re-treatment several times a year.

What are the necessary protection?

When operating a laser hair removal machine, you'd better wear glasses for eye protection.

Is the laser causes cancer?

The short answer is not.Laser is of a long wave and is ionized and does not have a property transform normal cells into cancerous ones.

Does laser hair removal cause skin cancer?

Laser is non-ionized radiation,non-ionizing radiation and this simply does not cause any defect in the DNA bar and

therefore does not cause any abnormal growth of cells and do not cause cancer.

Do you go away hair in one session of laser?

Hair will not disappear from one session of laser,and it needs several treatment.Please remind patients that there are 3

benefits for laser hair removal:hair will become less thickness,less color and new hair need 2-3 months to grow again.

Is it true that laser is not fit for black skin and is made of white skin?

This is not true, all the studies have proved that laser is valid for all skin types even black.But you must know how to use

the laser.You need to reduce the power of the laser for dark skin.There are modern devices fit for this type of skin.It is

necessary to choose appropriate laser and appropriate power for each skin and this needs to be experienced in dealing

with this type of skin.

I am a woman in the seventh month of pregnancy,am I fit to accept laser hair removal treatment?

Laser hair removal usually does not exceed the surface layer of the skin it can never hack and reach the uterus.If the hair

is removed from the belly of a pregnant woman,this will not pose any danger and any negative impact on the pregnant

woman and her unborn children.

Can the laser be used places other than the face?

Yes,you can use laser hair removal system anywhere in the body such as the armpits,hands and legs and other places of

the body,and some places will be treated better than the face.




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