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Hot air stenter machine with Gas system Chambers 8 sections

Hot air stenter machine with Gas system Chambers 8 sections

    • Hot air stenter machine with Gas system Chambers 8 sections
    • Hot air stenter machine with Gas system Chambers 8 sections
  • Hot air stenter machine with Gas system Chambers 8 sections

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China Jiangsu
    Brand Name: KD
    Certification: CE MARK
    Model Number: KZM180-420

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: standard contaner
    Delivery Time: 45 days after get deposit
    Supply Ability: 2 sets in 2 months
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    Detailed Product Description
    Width: 1800-4200MM Mechanical Speed Range: 10-100 M /min
    Conveying Chains: Pin Plate Chain

    Hot air stenter machine with Gas system Chambers 8 sections KZM-180-340 



    KZM-180-340 type Hot air stenter setting machine(Gas system)

    Chambers 8 sections



    Process :

    Open width entry → tight cloth frame → infrared edge,centering →padder mangle → auto weft straightener device →lower over-feed screw expending → upper over-feeding →E+L edge detecting edge → E+L four fingers edge uncurler device →pinning on → chamber for heat setting → air cooling → pinning off → water coolingφ570*2 → compensator, E+L cloth guider device→batching(swing cropping to J-box)/Plaiting




    Entry cloth section:

    1. MH591-180  MH591-180 padder mangle

    2. auto weft straightener device

    3. Main fabric: woven fabric

    4. 180 Cm Nominal width: 180 Cm

    5. 70-160 Cm Efficient width: 70-160 Cm

    6. 10-100 M /min  Mechanical speed range: 10-100 M /min

    7.Heating source: natural gas

    8. Conveying chains: pin plate chain

    9. Air pressure: above 0.5mpa

    10.Infeed upper overfeed range: -10% to 30%

    11.Infeed lower overfeed range:-10% to 30%

    12. PLC: Siemens, German

    13. Frequency converter: main drive is Siemens,fan frequency converter:Danfoss “HOLIP” of Denmark




    l  E&L Fabric cloth guider system

    Including rotation tension roller and extension of the adjustment handle, the long arm is 1400mm in length.

    • A taub inside the long arm.
    • Two drive expand roller(separator seperating roller)

    l  A width of the sensor board

    l  One pair of center guide rollers, the surface consists of many plates , which are lateral moved.

    l  Auxiliary and drive components

    For dry or wet cloth


    Cloth guide device

    • Floating rotary tension compensator, control the speed of padder mangle.
    • Padder mangle:MH591-180


    two-roller padder mangle

    1. skew roller type
    2. A coating and protection of the rack beams
    3. Baffle roll made of stainless steel

    4. Two large-diameter cylinder pressure ensure uniform and efficient compression
    5. Squeeze rollers:
    6. Active compression roller coated hard rubber, hardness of 85 °shore
    7. Passive pressure roller coated hard rubber, hardness of 80 °shore

    8. Active hard rubber roller, 11kw motor drive


    padder mangle chemical tank

    1. Pneumatic lifting and lowering
    2. Level control with level controller device
    3. Width of the roller: 1800mm

    4. Diameter of the roller: 350mm

    5. Total squeezing power up to 7 Tons.
    6. Dumping device for tank rapid drainage


    Weft straightener

    Stenter setting machine combined with horizontal return chain


    cloth feeding and over-feed device


    cloth feeding platform and operate platform

    upper traction roller, lower traction roller

    2.2kw drive two traction rollers
    Use gearbox adjust two traction roller transmission of tension between the fabric
    Maximum design rate of over-feed +40%
    Compared with the conveyor chain speed
    Two expander rollers, 1.5kw drive
    Tattoos of stainless steel spiral
    Two weft electrically adjustable rollers, 4 × 0.18kw drive

    A guide roller installed under the upper traction roller


    Meter Bridge - located in the area of the cloth feeding section.


    The fabric feeding device

    Two pin- brush overfeed device, cloth edge tensioning device

    Left and right independent regulation
    2 × 0.37kw drive
    E + L edge uncurler device


    Fabric conveyor equipped high tech chains

    Cloth enter track is 4500mm in length

    Connected by a wire welding width modulation,

    Push cloth edge brush is set in the cloth enter area,

    Pneumatic chain tensioner,

    Chains and tracks in the chamber

    Chain coaxial drive

    Horizontal return chain match pin plate, chain durable lubrication,

    Cloth out platform

    Pin-off guide roller



    Electric chain width adjustment device

    One screw inside the lengthening area , 0.55kw drive

    Four screws are in a hot chamber

    One screw is in the cloth out area, 0.55kw drive

    Enter and exit out of the cloth are displayed width


    Heat chamber

    Chamber frame is made from 6# angle iron and 8# channel steel welded together.

    8 hot chambers, per chamber is 3000mm Long

    Heat -insulating door is made from 1.2mm cold-rolled steel, 100mm thick, filled with insulating material and silicone rubber strips used for sealing.

    With efficient thermal insulation properties

    Double filters, top-level filters can be cleaned out of the device operation, do not open the door and down
    Bottom chamber filters protect the ventilation

    CAD stream KLD soft-type spray outlet

    Lay-on Air flow design


    Hot chamber before and after the insulation room

    Enter and exit of fabrics have wind barrier


    The bottom heat insulation

    Special insulation panels, with 100mm thick mineral fiber

    Place in hot chamber bottom


    Circulating air system "double duct"
    Separating the upper and lower duct and manual control air flow.
    Eight hot chambers, each chamber has 2 circulating fans.
    FM direct connection to the motor and fan, power is 7.5kw/1740rpm, maximum speed is 1740rpm.
    8 sets of frequency modulation device, each power 15kw.


    Protective system

    Outage automatically interrupts air flow blows to the fabric

    When you turn on, automatic reset memory system


    Heat system

    8 heat burners (Italy “RIELLO”)

    8 Temperature control device

    Circulating air temperature 230 °



    Exhaust devices

    2 sets of exhaust fan, frequency modulation motor drive.

    Each motor power is 3kw.


    Cooling area CAD stream -Spray-air outlet

    1000mm Long, drive motor directly connected

    Power is 5.5kw. Rotate speed is 1500rpm


    Electric appliance configuration

    All fabric conveyor drive adopts frequency control motor

    When the normal stop and emergency stop,

    Control slow down to a complete halt

    Control device and monitoring of equipment is in the cloth enter area and cloth out area.

    Electric box
    Wire pre-arrangement, design appropriate to the highest temperature of 40°, and relative humidity 90%
    Conveyor drive motor cable fabric
    Other small electrical cables
    Circulating fan cable

    Control cables, arranged ready for use.



    Cloth out section


    cloth out platform and traction rollers

    3kw Drive

    2 water cooling roller , Each diameter is 570MM

    J – box cloth out


    The fabric counter meter


    cloth delivery device ( batching and plaiting combined device)

    Traction rollers and mercy with fabric-connected and work together to drive isolation

    Fabric tension can be adjusted

    Plait range is 1000mm

    Diameter of batching device is 1500mm


    High performance static elimination

    An ion bar is in batching device.


    One Sets of tools


    One batch of wearing parts





    Instrument panel and the chamber cabinet components for the brilliant-blue paint, blue (RAL5007)
    anti-rust treatment, such as paint or galvanized coating on the silver-gray paint, gray cabinet.


    Hot air stenter machine with Gas system Chambers 8 sections


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